Squirrels and Nuts

As on every morning, Maggie, our dog, and I went for our morning bike ride today. And, as on most mornings, we saw one of our neighborhood squirrels running back and forth across the road from one batch of trees to the other, then tree to tree and then back again. Many days there are more than one squirrel exercising their freedom. I’m not sure whether they’re from the same squirrel family or not. I know each squirrel is unique but I have no idea what to look at for identification and actually I never get close enough to tell whether each is boy or girl. I am nevertheless pretty sure neither question their sexuality. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a baby squirrel! Oh well, I digress. I assume that they are searching for nuts or, in our neighborhood, acorns and it appears they manage to find many because I’ve never seen a skinny squirrel. They are all cute and I would like to have one for a pet except that I don’t care to have my hands shredded by their claws.

Many, many years ago I would go squirrel hunting. Actually, it was more like squirrel watching except that I don’t recall ever seeing much less shooting one. I guess instead of squirrel hunting or watching, I was just walking around. I did a lot of that growing up…just me and my dog.

Watching the squirrels this morning made me think about how, over the years, many called me a squirrel or said that I was squirrely. You know, I think they’re probably spot on, because it seems I sure have come across a lot of nuts.

Have a good day.

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